The Students Guild

What is the Students Guild?

The Students Guild is an exclusive programme that is dedicated to enhance the learning of committed AlKauthar students. It will help to identify unique, promising and capable students who have the thirst to progress in the fields of Islamic knowledge in becoming true students of knowledge that are not only firm with the classical foundation of Islam but also flourishing preachers that can deliver effectively to a wider audience.

'....unique, promising and capable students....'

The Students Guild will help to prepare existing AlKauthar students in paving their path to authentic knowledge by providing a guided structure and comprehensive programme of intensive study which is more in depth than the AlKauthar single weekend courses.

AlKauthar Institute will develop selected students into exceptional students of knowledge through an intensive comprehensive programme by giving them access to classical texts and personal tutor review. This will help students develop a deeper understanding in key areas so that they can apply this knowledge in the context of modern issues generating an umbrella source of advisors whom the public can rely on for Islamic guidance and consultancy in a wide range of areas.

How will it be structured?

The 5-year programme consists of four semesters per year covering classical texts in depth. Through online videos, assignments, exams, regular tests, and specific reading lists students will be able to gain access to a more structured programme that will help them be more focused and push them towards a specific goal. The students will have regular access to teachers whom will give regular reviews of their progress and hence enable them to evaluate their learning.

'....push them towards a specific goal....'

The Students Guild is suitable for individuals who are working, studying or full time parents living in the west that cannot give up their responsibilities but need to work around other commitments. The guild will compliment current Islamic studies one is under taking and further reinforce their knowledge in key areas that are vital for students of knowledge to master.

We hope this venture will open up great opportunities for people and help nurture well grounded students of knowledge that will benefit individuals, families, communities and ultimately society.